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Aligned Coffee is fully focused on working with coffees that have a story behind them. Coffees that reflect the hard work of the farmers, and all the links involved in the coffee value chain.

Quality Driven Aligned  Specialty Coffee

Guided by the years of experience, our team analyze and discover all the coffee characteristics. By doing this, we can guarantee that Aligned Coffee is working with the best quality coffee beans that are available.

Transparently traded specialty coffee

We partner with importers that are ethic and transparent on their sourcing practices. All of our coffees include a transparency report available for you to check and learn how the value has been distributed across the whole process. From the farm to your cup.

Micro Batch Roasted Specialty Coffee Aligned

We always roast in 800 gram batches with our Ailio Bullet roaster. As a small operation, we truly focus on all the details of the roasting process. By doing this, we maximize the development of all those aromatics that will make your coffee cups taste delicious, EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Round – Full bodied – Smooth

Our green label coffees are usually expressive coffees that have been roasted with a little bit more of development, looking to have a perfect BALANCE between the acidity, sweetness and bitterness. Balance coffees are strongly recommended for espresso as it is the brewing method where they will shine mostly and showcase all their characteristics. These coffees are round, full bodied & very smooth. Ideal for any type of coffee drinker.



Creamy – Chocolatey – Silky

Our orange label coffees are more on the traditional side. Harmony coffees usually present a lot of chocolatey notes. Perfect as the main ingredient for any milk based coffee drink. The harmony line labels are our most developed roasts, on the medium dark end. These coffees are creamy, chocolatey & silky. Ideal for any type of coffee drinker that enjoys adding milk or an alternative vegetal beverage to their coffees. However, they also taste amazing on their own.



Bold – Citrusy – Delightful

Our yellow label coffees are the ideal reminder of the traditional “coffee profile” but with our own personal touch. Awaken coffees are perfect for any type of coffee drinker that enjoys drinking a nice & aromatic cup of coffee at any time of the day. These coffees are bold, citrusy and very delightful. Recommended for any hand brewing method, and even your automatic coffee maker from all the life. They taste perfectly in any scenario, and surely won’t disappoint.



Fruity – Complex – Bright

Our pink label coffees are the jewel of the crown. Perfect for the more curious coffee drinker that want to start truly experimenting the differences between single origins, processing methods and roast levels. We focus solely on highlighting the “terroir”, the particular region of the world where these coffees come from, so you can expect a wide range of surprises, from light to dark roasts. Terroir coffees are usually complex, with hints of fruits & a beautiful brightness.



Decaf – Chocolatey – Spiced

Our blue label coffees are the ideal option for those who want the flavor without the caffeine. You can surely drink them at any time of the day, even before going to bed, and we can assure that you will still have sweet dreams. Relax coffees are decaffeinated through one of the different decaffeination processes, and we roast them aiming to develop a flavor profile that is enjoyable. These coffees are usually chocolatey and spiced. An autumn – winter vibe available all year long.



Extra Caffeinated – Bold – Exotic

Our red label coffees are our latest creation. For quite some time, we have been experimenting in order to create a recipe that helps us to boost our inspiration for our daily activities. Wake me up coffees are just that, a blend of tasty coffees with an additional kick of caffeine provided by the specialty grade robusta beans that are part of the blend. These coffees are seasonal, and even if we cannot guarantee the exact components of the blend, you will always get that tasty boost of energy.


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