Harmony – Brazil Single Origin Coffee


Candied citrus | Chocolate | Dried Fruits


Harmony single origin coffee

This single origin coffee comes from one of our favorite countries in South America: BRAZIL

This single origin coffee comes from the Mogiana Region, split between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, is the most renowned of three major Brazilian growing regions. This region has rolling hills and uneven terrain lending to farms that are small to medium in size.

This particular lot comes from Cooperativa Regional de Cafeicultores em Guaxupé, which was established in 1937 and currently has 14,000 active members. Producers typically have farms that average 60 acres in size. Each producer cultivates and harvest their own cherries and places them on patios to dry to 15 percent moisture after which the coffee is moved to mechanical driers to precisely finish the drying to 11 percent moisture. Coffee is carefully stored until it is time for milling and export, which all takes place at the Guaxupé dry mill where traceability and quality control are carefully managed so each producer can be paid according to the quality of their coffee.

This coffee is a coop lot, 100% Brazilian. It was produced at 4,170 ft above the sea level. It was dry processed.

In this amazing coffee, you will find first of all a creamy, chocolatey & silky cup of coffee.

Brazilian coffees are usually recognized for their low acidity and notes of chocolate & caramel, however; this particular lot has a high sweetness that remind us of candied citrus, backed up by a soft dried fruit, and almond like undertone.

Through the roasting process, we aimed to highlight the flavor notes into the best possible point, with respect for the origin, and also looking for a profile that will shine when mixed with milk or the vegetable drink of your choice. Harmony coffee + steamed milk = Decadent, creamy, and silky cup of JOY.

Candied citrus, Chocolate, Dried fruits

Brazil single origin coffee

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