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Aligned Coffee

Since 2021 our coffee journey has been led by the mission of educating people around the world about the Specialty Coffee Industry from seed to cup.
Our team is dedicated to 3 specific services to guide you along your coffee journey:

  • 1. Specialty Coffee Education through our own programs, and also SCA educational programs.
    2. Coffee Shop Consulting, from zero to profit.
    3. Source, evaluate, roast & deliver the tastiest coffee to all of you, because you know, life is just too short to drink bad coffee 😉

What started as a dream, and a small operation at the local community farmer’s market, has been growing consistently since then. Even if we are still very small, our dreams, hopes and adventures are of worldwide class.
Aligned Coffee is continuing to expand our education programs, consulting services, and specialty coffee selections, by choosing to focus on what we love, and why we love it.

Thank you for stopping by, and for supporting our business.
With love 🤎
Abi & Jonathan

SCA’s internationally recognized certificate programs are designed to help learners demonstrate the real-world knowledge and practical skills relevant for a successful career in specialty coffee.
Soon you will have the availability of enrolling in the SCA programs through Jonathan, our AST in process.

For over 6 years, we have helped more than 25 entrepreneurs to design, plan, build and establish their businesses in Ecuador, Spain and the USA.
If you are ready to turn your business dream into a reality, work with us. We will be honored to guide you throughout all the steps you will need to create and develop your business from zero to profit.

Aligned Coffee’s are much more than just coffee beans. Our coffee offerings are the result of an extensive process of quality control, research, development, passion and dedication in which we are endlessly looking for a product that could produce the best coffee cup you have ever had.

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