Terroir – Burundi Single Origin Coffee


Juicy red fruits | Chocolate | Winey


Terroir single origin coffee

This fantastic single origin coffee comes from an exotic coffee origin: BURUNDI

Muyinga province is lesser known for coffee than Kayanza or Ngozi provinces to the west but is a gifted territory for coffee: elevations are consistently high, soils are generously fertile, and its arabica cultivars are unique to the rest of the coffee-producing world. Muyinga province is no exception, but has not seen the same level of investment as the more developed producing regions closer to Bujumbura.

While this lot is uniquely coffee harvested by Gashoho farmers, the total number of farmers contributing to the project is now over 2,000.  Drying naturals in the high and cool Ngozi climate is a painstakingly slow process, often taking 20-30 days to complete, during which the coffee is continuously circulated for even air exposure. Despite having one of the longest drying periods in the world, the cup profile is noticeably balanced and crisp.

This coffee is a Bourbon varietal. It was produced at 5,750 ft above the sea level. It was dry processed.

In this amazing coffee, you will find first of all a fruity, complex & bright cup of coffee.

All the microclimate conditions in the origin, add complexity to the flavor profile, introducing more hints of winey and lemony acidity, backed up by juicy red fruit tones. Balanced, clear, fruity and smooth.

Through the roasting process, we aimed to highlight the flavor notes into the best possible point, with respect for the origin, and also looking for a fruity, complex and bright Filter Profile. This is the lightest roast of all our current offerings

Juicy red fruits, chocolate, winey

Terroir Burundi single origin coffee

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Dimensions 8.6875 × 5.4375 × 1.75 in
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