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A small business with big dreams and goals. This is our Aligned Coffee Journey

Abi is an Energetic Wellness Coach. She has an online business called “Energy Healing Academy”. In her programs Abi teaches her clients to connect with their natural state of health and well-being by discovering and implementing energy healing techniques. She has traveled throughout South America, Europe, and Thailand following her path of most joy and aligning with her many purposes and passions.

Jonathan is a F&B Manager, Coffee Trainer, and business coach. He has been in the coffee industry for about 8+ years. He has had the privilege of traveling to 45+ countries, almost every country in South, North, Central America, and the European Union where he got to experience & enjoy their vast range of coffee offerings, and become intimately involved in the Specialty Coffee scene.

We met in the Galapagos islands back in 2018. Abi was traveling, and I was opening the first Specialty Coffee Shop and Roastery in the Galapagos islands. We met there, we fell in love, and now we are happily married. ❤️

We came to the U.S with the purpose of attending the Specialty Coffee Expo in New Orleans in 2021, and also to spend the holidays with Abi’s family in The Villages, Florida. Naturally, we were looking for places to get good coffee around the are, and unfortunately, we did not find any. 
After not being able to find any place to buy or drink locally roasted specialty coffee; we began this new adventure together— mixing both of our passions and our fields of expertise. Aligned Coffee was born.


Our main goal is to educate people about the Specialty Coffee Industry, so they can become more aware of every step that brewing an exceptional cup of coffee involves.

Aligned coffee has primarily three services to guide you along your coffee journey:

  1. Specialty Coffee Education through our own programs, and also SCA educational programs.
  2. Coffee Shop Consulting, from zero to profit.
  3. Source, evaluate, roast & deliver the tastiest coffee to all of you, because you know, life is just too short to drink bad coffee 😉


Specialty Coffee has a lot of health benefits. Every time we drink a cup of exceptional coffee, we feel joy, sparks of curiosity and potential, and that’s a great energy in order to focus, take inspired action, and accomplish our musings + dreams. Coffee is that little impulse and motivation that can inspire us to achieve our goals, and we believe that Specialty Coffee can be directly linked with a Specialty Life for everyone involved in the value chain— from seed to cup.

For our Coffee Educational Programs, we are open to partner with any Coffee Shop, Association, Coffee Training School, Roastery, etc. We are currently based in the USA, but we also have availability to develop any course in Ecuador, and other countries that would like to become a partner of Aligned Coffee and Jonathan as our Head of Education.

For our coffee beans, we currently run a small operation under the Florida cottage food law. We source our green coffee beans from many places that Jonathan has had the opportunity of visiting, and we get them raw (green coffee) from an importer. After receiving our raw material, we complete all the process by ourselves. Beginning with familiarizing ourselves with the coffee profile, the flavors, and experimenting in order to find the best process to roast the beans. After finding the perfect recipe, we roast here in Florida.

Back in 2021, we began selling our products to our neighbors & at a Local Farmer’s Market, where we also set up a Mobile Espresso Bar, where people regularly came by to enjoy our Specialty Coffee beans + beverages. That is how this big dream started, and have not stopped since then.

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