Extra Caffeinated – Wake me Up Blend


Dark fruits| Vanilla | Chocolate | Caramel


Wake me up extra caffeinated coffee blend

This all stars blend includes 3 coffees, 2 especies, 4+ varietals, 3 roast profiles, 3 continents, and 3 countries: ASIA, CENTRAL AMERICA & AFRICA.

For quite some time, we have been experimenting in order to create a recipe that helps us to boost our inspiration for our daily activities. This wake me up offering is just that, a blend of tasty coffees with an additional kick of caffeine provided by the specialty grade robusta beans that are part of the blend. These coffees are seasonal, and even if we cannot guarantee the exact components of the blend, you will always get that boost of energy supported by a tasty and complex cup of coffee.

This coffee is an Extra Caffeinated blend, made by a mix of specialty grade robusta beans from India, and specialty grade arabicas from Central America & Africa. It was produced at an average of 4,094 ft above the sea level. One coffee was wet processed, and the other two, dry processed.

In this amazing coffee, you will find an extra caffeinated, bold, and exotic cup of coffee.

Three continents are part of this all stars blend that will give you that extra caffeine kick right when you need it. A straight forward coffee blend, very easy to drink and enjoy. Best results are produced in moments of caffeine needs.

Through the roasting process, we aimed to highlight the flavor notes into the best possible point, with respect for each of the origin that are part of this blend, and also looking for a bold and exotic profile. We roast each coffee separately. The African component gives that fruity and juicy note, followed by the Central American that boosts the chocolate and caramel notes, backed up by this high quality robusta that adds the spiced component and the extra caffeine.

Dark fruits, Vanilla, Chocolate & Caramel

Extra caffeinated coffee blend

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